How to Heal from Grief

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GriefShare helps walk you through your grief process and heal from the pain.

Elsie, group participant

Healing from loss is a journey

Everyone experiences grief differently

There’s no “right way” to grieve

Feeling angry or full of regret? Are you depressed and wondering how to heal? Do you walk around in a mental fog? All this is normal. And while your grief journey is unique, you’ll find many grieving people are facing the same struggles. And others who’ve gone before you can help.

Grief cannot be rushed

You may wish you could bypass the difficult emotions or push down the pain. Or maybe others are pressuring you to “get up and move on.” But healing from grief and loss requires you to go through your grief. We have resources that can help you find relief and stability.

Finding support is crucial

Grief is a journey that shouldn’t be traveled alone. You may feel like no one understands and be tempted to isolate, but as counselor David Bueno Martin says, “Healing happens in the context of finding others who can help you.” A GriefShare group is a safe place to find support.

GriefShare has helped me deal with so much this past year.

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GriefShare comes alongside you

If you are searching for help on how to recover from grief, these proven suggestions will help you through the daily stresses and emotional challenges.

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Join a GriefShare group

Becoming part of a GriefShare grief support group is the best step you can take to find relief, support, direction, and healing.

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Create a free GriefShare account

Access free videos, articles, and other resources with insightful advice on how to handle common grieving situations.

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Sign up for daily encouraging emails

Wake up each morning to find an uplifting message in your inbox that will strengthen and guide you through the grief process.

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Take part in the online community

You are not alone in your grief. Connect with others on the same journey by interacting on GriefShare’s online community resources.

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Check out our bookstore

Need help wrestling with difficult emotions? Looking for strength to face each day? These GriefShare books offer reliable help and practical tips.

Quotes about healing from grief

How GriefShare has helped others

GriefShare taught me how to handle my emotions and heal from them.


GriefShare helps you understand that each person heals in their own way and time—and that’s okay.


I never really healed down deep until I came to GriefShare.


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