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Basic Ministry Total Ministry
13 Video Sessions on DVD Check Check Check
Leader’s Guide Check Check Check
Leader Training Video on DVD Check Check Check
Promotional Videos Check Check Check
Participant Workbooks 5 15 25
Publicity Brochures 100 200 300
Publicity Posters 100 100 200
Access to our Leaders’ Forum Check Check Check
“Find a Group” listing on our website Check Check Check
Free phone support and coaching Check Check Check
Prices in US dollars
International shipping at cost
$340 $15 shipping Order $440 $20 shipping Order $540 $25 shipping Order

30-day satisfaction guarantee

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your kit, return it to us within 30 days for a refund (excluding shipping charges). This policy does not apply to items purchased in addition to the kit. Returns for other materials will be accepted only if they are damaged or defective.

Check your DVDs. It is essential that you view your DVDs within 30 days of receipt to confirm quality. We will be happy to replace any defective DVDs within 30 days after you have received your GriefShare kit. Replacement cannot be made beyond this 30-day period.

How to fund your GriefShare ministry

Charge a modest registration fee

Many groups charge participants a $15 to $20 registration fee that covers the cost of the workbook, refreshments, and other expenses of your GriefShare ministry. Over time, registration fees could, in effect, reimburse the church for the cost of the kit. Leaders have also reported that charging a fee often makes participants value the group more, thus improving attendance. (Many churches maintain a small scholarship fund for group members unable to afford the registration fee.)

Ask someone to donate the kit

It’s likely there are people in your church who have a passion for grief recovery ministry. Perhaps they’ve been through grief personally and have a passion to help others recover. Why not ask one, or a group of them, to consider giving your church the money to order a kit and workbooks?

How to present GriefShare to your church leaders

You’re excited about the possibility of your church offering this ministry, but you haven’t yet presented it to your church leaders. You know how busy they are, and you want to be sure to communicate the main points.


Download Presenting GriefShare to Your Church Leaders. These step-by-step instructions show you how to present GriefShare to your church staff with clarity, conciseness, and passion.

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