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GriefShare Products

GriefShare 3.0

GriefShare Participant Workbook

The GriefShare participant workbook contains a video note-taking section, a daily personal Bible study, a weekly journaling and “grief work” section, insights from prominent Christian leaders, helpful articles, Scripture tear-out cards, and a gospel presentation. Each GriefShare workbook is designed to be used throughout the 13-week program.

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GriefShare Surviving the Holidays 3.0

GriefShare Surviving the Holidays Survival Guide

The GriefShare Survival Guide is an important part of your Surviving the Holidays experience. You'll need a copy to get the most out of your Surviving the Holidays seminar. Plus it contains practical and encouraging information to help you throughout the holiday season. It includes:

  • Real, yet inspiring devotions and Q/As that address issues you're facing this holiday season
  • Practical strategies and exercises
  • Profiles of all of the experts featured in the holiday video

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