Help Participants Find Your Group: Let Them Know You’re Online

Now you can make it easy for people to attend your GriefShare group—and still follow social distancing guidelines.

Simply edit your group details to indicate that you’re meeting online. 

Once you make this change, people who are searching for online groups will see yours on the list. This is a great opportunity to reach new participants while also continuing to minister to your current group members.


Here’s the easy step-by-step:

1. Log in to the LeaderZone, then click on the My Church tab.


2. From there, choose Groups, to display a list of your groups. Then click on the group that is available online.



3. Choose Edit Group.


4. Check the box to indicate your group is available online.


5. Scroll to the bottom to check “I confirm that this group operates according to the GriefShare Program Design.” Then click Update Group.





Once you’ve updated this information, your group will show up as “Meeting Online” when people search for support in their area.



Digital Workbooks

And don’t forget, the participant workbooks are now available in digital form, too! You can learn how to access the GriefShare participant guide here.  



If you have any questions or need additional support, please don’t hesitate to contact the GriefShare team.

800-395-5755 (US and Canada)

919-562-2112 (International)



Kathy Fallon
Kathy Fallon
The Church Initiative, Inc.
Wake Forest, NC
Staff Member

This is a great new feature!

So easy now to show you are hosting a "virtual" GriefShare meeting meeting online!

Julia Alexander
Rocky River Presbyterian Church
Concord, NC

We are trying to set up our group for online services. I may need a little technical help,, since I am a bit computer challenged!

Samantha Reynolds
Orange Baptist Church
Orange, VA

I am set up online. Thanks for all your help and support to continue GriefShare, a wonderful ministry to those who are grieving.

Donna Whigham
Haven Community Church
North East, MD

We are set up for on line to start Monday March 30th. Please pray our members are able to access.

Ted Smith
Matthews United Methodist Church
Matthews, NC

We had our first virtual session using Zoom last Monday. It went very well. Thanks for the instructions to mark our meetings as online. In the midst of all this chaos, God is finding a way to keep us connected. What a blessing! Thanks for all your support, your prayers, and your help.

Andy Lockridge
Church of Celebration
Maricopa, AZ

Thanks for your help and instructions on how to get set up online.

Paulette Hendrickson
First Presbyterian Church of Haines City
Haines City, FL

We are preparing for our on-line video. What a wonderful way to keep us connected. Thank you!

James Locke
James Locke
Fierce Church
Grayslake, IL

We have had 3 sessions online and each one has gotten better. We are using Google Hangouts. Half the people like to call in and the other half like seeing each other. We have been able to keep to our schedule and way of presenting. I have been able to share the video so we can have our discussion in the beginning about last week , watch the video and then discuss the video. We have also started a Thursday night online gathering to let each person talk about anything they want. We have been able to keep the sense of community and maybe even a little closer in the sharing. God is using this time for self reflection and setting priorities of what is really important. Thanks so much for your support and resources.

Charlotta G. Hayles
Charlotta G. Hayles
Grace Bible Church
Florissant, MO

Good Afternoon to our GriefShare Family,
This was a very awkward adjustment for our group at first, however, we have had four conference call meetings since the last of March and we are now running "FULL STEAM AHEAD"! We are allowing each participant to view the videos on their schedules and we are having our prayer time and discussions together, which I must admit are going very well. Yes, I must admit we do miss the physical presence and fellowship of each other, but our telephone-call conferences are true "THE NEXT BEST THING TO BEING THERE"! Just hearing each other's voices is such a comfort. It even allows other participants that are not here in St. Louis with us at this time to participate. So what seemed to be a curse has become "A TRUE BLESSING"! Our attendance has been five to seven participants, which has been wonderful, however, we welcome more in the future. As I become more familiar with Zoom, we will be able to do more with the ability to see each other. So again I see what may have been meant for evil, God has certainly turned it around for OUR GOOD, and this, I just want to say, Thank You, Father.
Please continue to pray for us, as we will also do for you and your groups. It is such a privilege to serve others through their journey of grief as outlined through the ministry of GriefShare. May God continue to complete His work in and through us as we attempt to comfort others as He comforts us all.
2 Corthinians 1:3-7, 1Thesssalonians 4:13, Matthew 5:4, and John16:33.
Your Sister in Christ,
Charlotta G. Hayles,
Lead Facilitator of GriefShare
Grace Bible Church, Florissant, MO