From pastors and group facilitators

“This has been the most rewarding and fulfilling ministry in my 50 years of serving.” Pastor

“I love that this program puts the focus on Christ.” Facilitator

“It is as much of an outreach tool for the community as it is for helping within the church.” Pastor

“We have appreciated the gentle manner in which Christ is presented to grieving people.” Facilitator

“Thank you for believing in the church as a conduit of healing.” Pastor

“We did not begin GriefShare as an outreach, but it has turned out to be a very good one.” Senior Adult Director

“At the close of our last meeting, one of the participants gave her life to Christ.” Facilitator

“Hearts are being softened, healed, and drawn to Jesus.” Minister

“Serving as a GriefShare facilitator has probably been the most satisfying and thrilling experience of my Christian life.” Facilitator

“A very meaningful program that is adding depth and purpose to our ministry.” Pastor

“GriefShare is the most important ministry we have right now.” Facilitator

“It’s such an amazing privilege to have many from our community, who don’t attend any church regularly, and introduce them to our gracious, comforting God.” Facilitator

“The material you designed combined with support for the leaders is awesome.” Pastor

“The Leader’s Guide answers most questions. It’s a great resource!” Facilitator

“God has given me a new purpose in life and a new ministry direction.” Facilitator

“I am hearing incredible reports about the impact of GriefShare.” Pastor

“GriefShare is my passion.” Facilitator

“GriefShare has given meaning to this new chapter in my life.” Facilitator

“Requires no formal training — just a compassionate heart.” Facilitator

From group participants

“It saved my life.”

“You find out that you are not crazy.”

“I am not sure if I understand yet all that GriefShare and you have taught me, but I want you to know that I am now in search for God! I signed up for a Bible study and am attending.”

“GriefShare has given me hope.”

“It’s freeing to know there is somewhere I can go, be my flawed and imperfect self, and still be accepted with open arms and unconditional love.”

“A safety net when my world was literally falling apart.”

“Brought me back into relationship with God and the church.”

“I would be a mess if it weren’t for GriefShare.”

“It was a safe place that I could go. I could tell my story, I could cry, I could even laugh, and I didn’t feel guilty or judged by anybody else.”

“This group is amazing. It fills my tank every week.”

“I had the wonderful experience of getting to know our heavenly Father through the 13 sessions.”

“I am a new person ready for the next step in my life!”

“Restored my faith.”

“Going to GriefShare feels like having warm arms wrapped around you when you’re shivering. At GriefShare, you are safe.”

“The best thing I ever did for myself.”

“I felt so safe and loved.”

“Touched me profoundly.”

“They accepted me right where I was and gave me unconditional support.”

“I felt as though a burden was lifted.”

“It is a 60-mile round trip for me each way, but well worthwhile.”

“A turning point in my grief journey.”

“I would never have survived that first devastating year, if not for the loving support of GriefShare.”