Weekly session topics

Watch an 10-minute excerpt from Session 4

1. Is This Normal? 41 min

  • Group members discover why their grief experience is harder than they imagined
  • Why the intensity and duration of their emotions are normal and appropriate
  • Despite how they feel right now, there is reason for hope

2. Challenges of Grief 35 min

  • GriefShare participants learn more eye-opening reasons why their pain is so overwhelming
  • Some of the overlooked, yet common, effects grief has on their mind, body, and spirit
  • How to get things done when they don’t feel like they have any energy

3. The Journey of Grief – Part One 42 min

  • Your group learns helpful goals to set on their journey of grief
  • How to deal with those who try to rush them through their grief
  • How long the journey of grief typically lasts

4. The Journey of Grief – Part Two 37 min

  • Participants learn why it’s important to put effort into their healing
  • How the events surrounding their loved one’s death affect their grief
  • The best ways to deal with their loved one’s belongings

5. Grief and Your Relationships 40 min

  • Group members are shown how the death of a loved one affects their friendships
  • Why solitude can be a blessing and a curse
  • How to deal with friends who don’t understand their grief

6. Why? 43 min

  • This session demonstrates that God wants them to share their feelings with Him
  • Why being honest with God is an expression of faith
  • What God has to say to them about their “why” questions

7. Guilt and Anger 43 min

  • GriefShare participants learn how to deal with false guilt
  • How to grieve conflicted relationships
  • How to handle grief-related anger

8. Complicating Factors 33 min

  • Group members begin to see how traumatic experiences affect grief
  • How to deal with nightmares and flashbacks
  • How their thinking affects their emotions

9. Stuck 44 min

  • Your group discovers how to prevent getting stuck in grief
  • Common misconceptions that hinder healing
  • Why their path to healing isn’t always smooth

10. Lessons of Grief – Part One 32 min

  • Participants become aware of an often-overlooked reason that grief is so painful
  • Why going to church can be so difficult
  • The benefits of helping others

11. Lessons of Grief – Part Two 37 min

  • This session provides a more complete picture of who they are now that their loved one is gone
  • Why no one grieves perfectly
  • What grief can teach them about relationships

12. Heaven 41 min

  • Session 12 answers questions about heaven and the afterlife, such as what heaven is like
  • Whether they should communicate with their deceased loved one
  • Whether near-death experiences are reliable descriptions of heaven
  • And many more

13. What Do I Live for Now? 41 min

  • Group members learn why moving forward is a necessity
  • Why it’s a process
  • Why peace and pain will always coexist