The Leader Training Video

The Leader Training Video is designed to give you an overview of what it takes to run a successful GriefShare ministry. It’s also a great tool for training future GriefShare leaders at your church.

The total viewing time is approximately one hour, divided into four parts.

Part 1 – What Is GriefShare?

10 minutes
The first part discusses the components of a successful GriefShare ministry. It explains the concept of GriefShare as an “emergency room” ministry and talks about what you can do to maximize your ministry’s outreach and impact in the community.

Part 2 – The Eight Success Tips

14 minutes
Part 2 explores the eight success tips for starting, sustaining, and growing an effective GriefShare ministry in your church and community.

Part 3 – Key Information for Your Group

10 minutes
Part 3 is designed to equip leaders in ways to effectively lead a GriefShare support group. This segment provides insights on how to create a warm, accepting, and safe environment for participants; how to encourage people to attend and to complete the Bible study homework; and what guidelines are important to establish for your group.

We have included a Leader Training Video Outline and Discussion Guide to reproduce for your leadership team when you are using this DVD for training (downloadable online and found in the GriefShare Leader’s Guide).

Part 4 – Leading Your Group Well

22 minutes
Part 4 helps you get comfortable with leading a group. In it, you’ll learn why you shouldn’t try to “fix” your participants, how to handle participants who won’t talk (or talk too much), how to generate a good discussion, and how to keep from boring your group.

Leader-equipping video on DVD

This DVD video (Disc 5 in your kit) can be used in two different ways:

Individual viewing

If you have overall responsibility for grief recovery ministry in your church or if you are the person who is starting a new grief recovery ministry, use this video to help you formulate a strategy and foundation for your ministry.

Leadership training sessions

The Leader Training Video can also be used as a valuable resource as you train and equip people to serve in your ministry. It can be particularly helpful in assisting you in training your group facilitators as God calls forth future leadership.