GriefShare en Español


In June, we launched a campaign on this website to recruit 400 churches to become launch partners for a Spanish version of GriefShare.

Our campaign ended on September 30th after a lot of hard work and prayer by the GriefShare team—yielding commitments from churches that wanted to add Spanish-language GriefShare ministries in their communities.

Ultimately, however, we did not secure enough commitments to warrant the large investment needed to proceed. At this point, our GriefShare en Español plans are on hold.

Does this mean that there will never be a Spanish-language GriefShare? We hope not!

We are now stepping back to seek the Lord’s direction on other potential ways to proceed. It’s clear He closed the door on continuing along this path. He may have a better one in mind. Please join us in praying for God’s wisdom on ministering to Hispanics in the US and worldwide.

I’d like to say a special word of thanks to those churches that made partnership commitments to this project. We treasure your trust in us and your heart for ministry to the Hispanic community. As we promised when the campaign began, we are issuing a prompt refund of your Spanish kit purchase.

While it is humanly disappointing to write this message to you, I can celebrate knowing our team gave this project their best effort—and that God has provided clear direction. I also know that He has a bigger vision than we do, and we will be expectantly looking for where and how He leads next.

Thanks and blessings!

Steve Grissom

Steve Grissom